Welcome to the New IDEAS Study Registration Portal!

Welcome to the New IDEAS Study Registration Home page for Referring Physicians Practice and PET Facilities. Prospective study sites and imaging centers may request account credentials and submit required information to register for the New IDEAS–Study. 

If you have not registered with the New IDEAS Study, but have your ACR ID, click “Log in with your ACR ID“ link below to begin the process. If you do not have one, click “Create your ACR ID“ link to be redirected to ACR ID user registration page.

Once you receive your ACR ID, you will be able to register your site in New IDEAS Study.

If you have already registered your site and would like to upload required documents or check the status of your application please click the ”Log in with your ACR ID” to be directed to your site’s registration profile.

Log in with your ACR ID

Click here to log in with your ACR ID

Create your ACR ID

Click here to create your ACR ID

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